Book Review – “The Dewapoker War” by David Baldacci

The first part of the Dewapoker story is a quick setting up of the world. Once you understand that there is a war brewing, it will be easier to follow. You will know how the war started because you can find out from a character who has a need to know what is going on, and who knows enough to tell you.

The character you are following has also been away from home for a long time. This character was a soldier. He decided to go back to his village. He met a woman who told him about his family, and her family. You know a war when you see one.

The second part of the Dewapoker story begins when the war breaks out. It begins with the arrival of the unexpected. The villagers do not know where this strange visitor came from. This warrior has now joined their forces.

The third part of the Dewapoker story takes place after the war is over. The army has been defeated, and the warlord takes the Warrior’s daughter as his own. The Dewapoker must take control of her life, and now she must tell her story.

There is no way to predict what will happen in the final part of the story. That is why it is important to start with the whole story. When you have a complete understanding of what happened in the other parts of the story, you will be able to follow the Dewapoker’s journey, and understand what is happening.

While the other parts of the book deal with the same events in different ways, the final part can be read to explore the consequences of the story, and give a large part of the Dewapoker’s journey a bit of an ending. There is a lot of conflict in the third part of the Dewapoker story, which could easily lead to another war, with the reasons, and the possibilities that arise.

The ending of the third part is a large part of the Dewapoker story. It is the most complicated, emotional part of the story. This part deals with a much more personal matter than the other parts, so it is important to look into both the way the story ends, and the reasons for the Dewapoker’s actions.

In the end, I think the Dewapoker series is about a powerful story. It is one that a child can understand, and a young adult can enjoy. The Dewapoker series is a good introduction to the Japanese culture, and a great adventure.